Author JS Landor inspires our students

Author Jenny “JS” Landor was a very special guest at Blue Coat on February 8th, when she spoke to all of our Year 7 and 8 boys about her book, “The Mirror of Pharos”; how she became fascinated with wolves; her first meeting with a wolf; why she became a writer; and where and how she writes.

“When I’m in the story”, she said, “it’s almost like I’m on another planet; it’s as real to me as the real world. That’s what I love about writing”.

Jenny also delighted the boys by reading the first chapter of her popular fantasy novel, before opening the floor to a flood of questions. Her advice to young writers was: “Never, ever give up. Keep on writing. Keep sending your stories out. Literature is so subjective and what one person doesn’t like, another person does, so persistence is the thing… There will be times when you find it hard to continue, but don’t give up!”

After the event, Blue Coat’s Librarian, Miss Knight, said: “It was great to have Jenny in school. She spoke so enthusiastically and eloquently about her book. The boys loved it. It was really interesting to hear all about her research. Her love of reading and writing was clear!”

One Year 7 student commented afterwards to Miss Knight: “I loved hearing her speak. She was really interesting. I loved when she spoke about the wolves and the Indian chief. He sounded magical.”

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