The Pupils’ Learning Council celebrates three years

Reading Blue Coat’s Pupils’ Learning Council has been serving the best interests of the School’s students for three years. The aim of the 23-member council is to ensure that every student’s learning experience at Blue Coat is ‘the best it can be’; they do this by focusing, not on problems, but rather on finding solutions.

In Whole School Assembly on Monday 21 January, members of the council spoke to the students and staff about their recent research. Firstly, they asked students: ‘What makes a great teacher?’ – and discovered that the majority found enthusiasm, knowledge of their subject, and ability to motivate pupils to be the best indicators.  They then asked staff: ‘What makes a great pupil?’ and found motivation, resilience, organisation and enthusiasm to be the ideal characteristics. They commented that it was interesting to see that the majority of responses were to do with emotional characteristics rather than intellectual. 

They also found that a reward culture results in the improvement of brain engagement; positive pupils make the best learners; and emotional engagement in learning has benefits for academic success.

On the council’s horizon in the future is a review of the most effective types of homework; the creation of a revision tips booklet; and an astronomy evening, which will feature the Reading Astronomical Society.

Any pupil queries directed at the council can be sent to

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