Suzie, Year 13 Classicist

Joining Reading Blue Coat for Sixth Form was the best decision I have made. Not only are the teachers great, but the students themselves give the School the great reputation it has. Though I joined without my friends from my old school, I found it very easy to make friends here. I have loved every second of being at Blue Coat, and it saddens me to think I will be leaving soon.

I am really enjoying Classical Civilisation, and it is my favourite subject because of the wide range of topics we cover that can be linked and compared to the modern world.

The wide range of co-curricular activities that this school offers encouraged me to try a few out, and after getting involved in the school play and the netball team, my confidence has been raised massively, and I have been able to widen my friendship groups across the year.

Being a part of the SAFE (Striving Altogether For Equality) Society at school, where we talk about issues around gender equality in our generation, has been amazing. The Society encourages us to make a change, and I feel that if I were not at Blue Coat, I may not have had the opportunity to do this.

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