Year 8 Lorenzo

When I first arrived at RBCS, I felt quite apprehensive as none of my previous school friends joined. However, as soon as induction day started, all my worries washed away thanks to my kind peers, dedicated teachers, and fun activities. Throughout my time here, I have never felt that I was missing out on anything.

I am very thankful to Blue Coat for offering me the opportunity to experience Model United Nations and Amnesty International; these activities have grown my ambition and helped me decide that I want to work for United Nations and help global equality. In addition, I feel that not many schools would offer all these options and give everyone the chance to discover who they want to become.

My favourite subject is History as I believe that we can improve the world by looking at the past. In addition, I am fascinated by how different life was in various periods and how bizarre yet ingenious some of their ideas were. For these reasons, one of my favourite eras was ancient Egypt.

In my free time, I enjoy being part of an external club for karate and playing basketball for a team, I am very pleased to attend the basketball club at school. I am also a member of the Scout Association, and have been since a young age. I have been selected to go to the 2023 World Scout Jamboree in South Korea, and I am so excited!

I am very grateful that this academic year, the School has started the Adventure Education programme, where we can improve our life skills – for me this an extension of what I learn at Scouts.

Whatever you dream of, you can do it here!

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