Sixth Form Special on the Arab-Israeli conflict

One of the most interesting Sixth Form Specials of the year was an informative talk about the Arab-Israeli conflict done by Meedu, (Middle East Education) on 24th February. In this talk, speakers Ruth Camay and Sami Hussein covered the current situation in the Middle East, and the main issues facing the governments of the region. This provided many who had little understanding of the subject with a chance to become better informed on the matter, and made people think more about the issues facing the region. The talk was further enhanced by the fact that the two speakers came from either side of the conflict, with one even having taking part for a short period as a freedom fighter, before becoming a refugee. Overall, it was an insightful and informative talk which boosted the Sixth Form’s understanding of a very prevalent issue in the world today.

Joe Berry, Year 13, Co-Editor Aldworthian Magazine

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