Minerals Engineering Insight for A Level Geologists


The Geology Department would like to thank Dr Rob Chapman from School of Earth and Environment | University of Leeds for coming to give a lecture to the A Level Geologists on Minerals Engineering. Rob’s enthusiasm for this exciting discipline was clearly demonstrated and the students enjoyed asking questions about his long career and extensive travels. Rob shared his wide knowledge on the importance of mining materials that we simply cannot live without; whether it be the raw ingredients of fertilisers, rare earth’s for harnessing clean energy or metals for our growing technological world.  He showed the students how their academic geology can lead to exciting travel, opportunities to network and ultimately into gainful employment. With geoscientists being listed by the government as a shortage discipline in the UK, our resident geoscientists may well be worth their weight in gold! Rob is welcome back anytime and we thank him for such a great afternoon.

Gillian Finucane, Head of Geology


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