Excellent response to Blue Coat’s first Book Bingo

Over the summer, the Library team set staff and pupils a summer reading challenge. The challenge was called Book Bingo and involved reading books that fell into different categories, in order to complete as many squares on the bingo card as possible.

The challenges included reading a book with non-human characters, a  non-fiction title, a book with a blue cover and a one-word title. The remaining squares involved reading to a family member, following a recipe and getting a photo of yourself reading your book in an interesting location!

Staff and pupils took on the challenge with gusto! Nearly 40 pupils completed the bingo board and many made an excellent effort. The Headmaster was asked to judge the photos and he chose George Murphy as the winner – for reading in his kayak whilst on the water! Special mention must go to James Almeida for outstanding effort, as well as Robin Skeet, Dylan Baker and Jesse Brener.

The Library team commented: “The boys really challenged themselves in their reading, and the photos have been wonderful to see. We had photos from Venice, Alcatraz, the Norwegian Parliament, Devon, Cornwall and several back gardens, as well as many around the home. We are really pleased with the effort they have put in. There has been a real buzz amongst the boys, keen to see where their peers travelled to with their books”.

Commendations, certificates and other book prizes have been enjoyed by the boys. Watch this space for another challenge next summer!

Miss Knight, Librarian

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