Ego ordine, ergo sum

The Boat Club have been training on the rowing machines throughout the year in order to compete, and, in early May, all rowers from Year 10 and above have completed their 2000m trial. In Year 10, it was a close race, with just six seconds separating the first and fourth places. Dan Musset completed the distance in 6:59.8, just ahead of Jack Williams, Alex Cleare, and Ethan Page-Mason. In Year 1,1 it was Ben Freeman who achieved the fastest time of 6:48.8, with Tom Edmondson closely behind. In Year 12, Matt Shimmin put in a really gutsy performance to achieve a great time of 6:34. However, the best time in the Boat Club was achieved by Matt Rees in Year 13, with a time of 6:19.9, which is a Boat Club record. Congratulations to Matt and all the participating rowers.

Mr Edmondson, Head of Rowing

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