Creativity and enthusiasm on display at Junior Rosebowl

Every year, our Year 7 boys have an opportunity to showcase and enthuse about their interests and hobbies at Junior Rosebowl. This year’s event, which took place in the Sports Hall, and was attended by hundreds of pupils and staff, featured a huge variety of displays, ranging from wakeboarding and chess, to baking, fossils, rock music, art, flute, woodwork, reading, stamps, trombone, travel, pottery, Greek mythology, table top games, Lego, sharks, Queen, street dance, climbing, helicopters and so much more.

Congratulations to overall winner Luca for his Athletics display (followed by Dominic in second for his display on rollercoasters, and Owen for his display on Parkour) and to the winner of the new Creativity Cup, Daniel, for his origami creations. Malthus won the event overall, with Hall in 2nd, Aldworth third and Rich fourth. Mr Elzinga presented the prizes at the end of the event.

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