Cheeky Speaky features senior public speakers

Our senior public speakers presented the Cheeky Speaky on Tuesday 28th March, and the audience were treated to an exciting variety of speeches covering topics such as why winning does matter, superstitions,  political correctness and the moral messages behind Harry Potter. Humour featured in sketches and a Room 101 presentation. The evening also marked the end of an era for the Year 13s, who gave their final performances. Patrick Digby, Tim Forrer, Matthew Roberts, Alistair McMurray, Elliot Morris, Jonathan Birell and Tom Reilly have between them contributed a combined total of 42 years of public speaking. Some might say a ‘life sentence’! As ambassadors for the school, they have competed locally, nationally and internationally. Perhaps even more significantly, they have contributed generously to the RBCS community, sharing their love of public speaking and inspiring the younger students coming through.

Mrs Bennett, Public Speaking Coordinator

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