Bim Afolami speaks to the Sixth Form

The Year 12 and 13 students enjoyed another very interesting Sixth Form Special on 17 March, when Bim Afolami, a lawyer, business man and politician, spoke to the Sixth Form on what his experiences have taught him about life and jobs, fo cusing on making sure that people find their right vocation, and giving them a number of thoughts and ideas on the subject. Bim was able to provide an interesting perspective on the issue, as he was a history graduate at Oxford, worked for George Osborne, has worked as a lawyer, and now works at HSBC. Also interesting were the questions asked by the Sixth Form after the talk, which, as well as referring to the topics in Bim’s talk, covered his thoughts on Brexit and Trump, and his experience as a Conservative candidate in the 2015 election. Overall it was an enjoyable talk from a very interesting person, which gave the Sixth Form much to think about.

Joe Berry, Year 13


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