Best Ever GCSE Results!

Reading Blue Coat is celebrating its best GCSE results ever, with 85% of grades awarded being a 7 to 9 and an overall pass rate of 100%.

These exceptional results come after Year 11 pupils spent both years of their GCSE studies in and out of lockdown and remote learning. Incredibly, six pupils achieved all Level 9s!

Director of Middle School, Mr Yates, said, “Mr Mitchell and I are immensely proud of the results that the boys have achieved. Speaking to the boys and looking at their results, it is clear that hard work leads to excellent results. They embraced the challenges of lockdown with focus and good humour. They’ve laid an excellent foundation, which I am sure will lead to further success in their A Level studies.”

The School also saw 25 of its 99 candidates achieve all 8/9 grades. Among those high achievers within the School is keen public speaker Will Dean, who achieved nine 9s and two 8s. Will said, “it’s certainly a pleasant surprise, particularly in the sciences and maths, which I struggled with. I’m looking forward to studying History, Latin, English Literature and an AS Level in Politics next year.”

Thomas Heath, who also worked hard to earn nine 9s and two 8s said, “I’m very happy right now, I was expecting high results because I’ve been working hard this year, but I didn’t expect results this good! My sister is coming home from uni today, so we will probably have a curry at home to celebrate.”

Headmaster Mr Thomas said, “As well as being so grateful to our staff for the huge amount of work that they coped with, I am immensely proud of the boys; the majority of their GCSE courses have been disrupted, but they have coped maturely, worked diligently and their efforts and ability have been rewarded with many tremendous results. They have certainly shown how they can deal with difficulties and I am excited to see them throw themselves into life in and out of the classroom when they return in September.”

Josh Stevenson received seven 9s and four 8s. He said, “I’m very happy with my results! I found English Literature and Language most difficult, but I’m looking forward to going into Reading with my friends today, before going out for dinner with my family in Bracknell this evening. I’m looking forward to continuing on into the Sixth Form in September, and studying Maths, Physics and Economics.”

Young actor Tytus Magiya studied hard to earn nine 9s and two 8s and said, “I’m on cloud nine right now! I’m really happy with what I got, especially in French! I thought that I would do well, but not this well! I also didn’t think I would do so well in Chemistry but I got an 8 in that as well!” Tytus’ mother said, “I am very proud! He has worked hard, as have a lot of the boys here at Blue Coat, by the sounds of it!”

Niam Popat received eight 9s and three 8s and said, “I’m really happy. I was expecting to do fairly well, maybe not in German, but I didn’t expect to do as well as I did. I’m looking forward to starting A Levels in September, when I’ll study Maths, Further Maths, Economics and Computing.” Niam’s mother said “He loves the subjects he studied, he especially loves maths. We didn’t want to plan anything in case he wanted to go and celebrate with his friends, but we will certainly go out for a nice meal to celebrate this evening.”

Sam Norrington earned ten 9s and an 8 said, ‘it couldn’t have gone any better really. I was pretty confident, because I worked hard and put in the hours. I did find it difficult to find the time for some of the practical work, but everything worked out in the end. I think my family are throwing a party for me to celebrate, so I will look forward to that.’

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