1646 – Issue 2

6 8 10 16 I would firstly like to say thank you to the Old Blues Community for being so patient and understanding whilst waiting for this postponed edition of 1646 . I feel it is quite fitting that it is reaching you in early 2021 and I hope, that things are looking brighter for the rest of the year to come! I would also like to thank all those who contributed to the magazine this year. I hope that you enjoy reading the fascinating articles we have on offer, from women in the world of engineering to our oldest (we believe) living Old Blue, we’ve got something for everyone! As ever, if you would like to contribute to the magazine next year or would like us to include a particular achievement that you are proud of, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me: spy@rbcs.org.uk. No doubt some of you have been doing some great things over the past year and we want to shout about it as much as possible. We are extremely proud of the Old Blue Community and think you should be too! Sarah Pyper Community Relations Co-ordinator Welcome to the second edition of 1646 . A MESSAGE FROM THE EDITOR