1646 - Issue 1

FACEBOOK www.facebook.com/ReadingOldBlues INSTAGRAM www.instagram.com/readingbluecoatschool Reading Old Blues Association 28 February 2019 Old Blue Abby Dow (2016) scored a spectacular try for England in their 15-12 win over Wales! Well done Abby and all of the Red Roses! www.englandrugby.com/news/features/six-nations-england-wales-red- roses-earn-big-win-against/ Reading Old Blues Association 3 December 2018 Great to see more Old Blue musical collaborations taking place! This time it was Will Padfield (2014) and Jonathan Lucas Wood (2011). Will is a horn player and conductor for the Royal Academy of Music and Jonathan is a singer and conductor and is Director of Music at Exeter Bach Society.  110 Likes 7 March 2019 readingbluecoatschool Pancakes R Fun! #pancakeday2019 #HallHousefundraiser#rbccharity  89 Likes 4 March 2019 readingbluecoatschool When it’s a really cold day but your crew is relying on you #hammersmithhead2019 #rbcrowing  93 Likes 1 March 2019 readingbluecoatschool Divatastic! #rbcsjazzcafe Reading Old Blues Association 5 November 2018 Thank you to Old Blue Josh Lamming (2014) for coming to speak to our senior linguists about studying languages at university and his time in France and Bolivia! The pupils really enjoyed meeting Josh and had plenty of questions for him! 3 1