Old Blue Kukua Blankson (2018)

Former Head Girl Kukua joined Blue Coat because she found everybody “so friendly” and says that her favourite thing about life at Blue Coat was “the people…. everybody gets along, and I was part of a really good year group”. When Kukua first toured the School, she also liked the Art Department, and chose Art has one of her A Level subjects as well as Economics and Psychology, with an AS in Government and Politics.

Kukua was a very active member of the Chamber Choir and had roles in a number of School productions, including ‘Grease’, ‘The Importance of Being Earnest’ and the 2018 production of ‘Anything Goes’. She also volunteered her time as a student helper in Year 8 Art lessons.

Towards the end of Year 12, Kukua decided to apply for the role of Head Girl because “I really like the school, I like being given responsibility and I like being able to help others”, she says.

Kukua went on to study Liberal Arts at Exeter University.

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