Mr Will Mitchell

Geography teacher Will Mitchell attended Wellington College, but also grew up on the school site as his father has taught there for more than 25 years. He studied at Swansea University – which he says was “brilliant because it had a good geography department and great rugby” – and completed his teaching qualifications at Bristol. After he graduated, Will taught at Besease Government School in Ghana. He says: “It was a great experience. Teaching 50 children in a tiny room with no teaching resources makes you think on your feet!”

In addition to teaching Geography, Will is the Head of Year 10 and has experience in working for Wilderness Expertise and leading School expeditions to Ghana. Over the last few years, Will has helped Blue Coat work hard towards generating a solid partnership with Ankwanda Government School.

He is also involved in a number of different sports and coaches both junior and senior teams. Rugby is his real passion and he is the U12A coach, which is very challenging (given that he has to select a team from a group of boys that he’s never met or watched play rugby) but also very rewarding, as he is able to see them develop as they learn to play together as a team.

Outside school, Will is a big Tottenham Hotspurs fan, and he finds cooking and being creative with food very relaxing. He also enjoys walking in the United Kingdom and loves roaming in National Parks. “We are so lucky to have them,” he says.

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