Sixth Formers attend RS events in London

A group of 27 Year 13 RS students were able to attend a Philosophy and Ethics conference at Bloomsbury Baptist Church on Friday 26th January, along with 500 other Sixth Formers. There were several lectures by leading academics such as Oxford don Keith Ward on the reasonableness, or not, of faith in God, fine-tuning and kalam arguments, the ethical thinking of Kant and Bentham, and Tim Mawson presented on ways to be satisfied with being dissatisfied. Isaac and Maddy asked excellent questions. After the conference, the group visited the London Buddhist Centre for a Q and A session with Srivati, a leader of the sangha there. The students asked some thoughtful and insightful questions about Buddhism in general and about her personal faith and understanding of the tradition. The day ended with a short meditation session which was welcomed and enjoyed by all. – Mr Clark, Head of Religious Studies 

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