Remembrance Day 2020

On Wednesday 11 November, members of the Reading Blue Coat community gathered for a socially-distanced and virtual Remembrance Service.

Led by Rev’d Kate Wakeman-Toogood, the service began at the war memorial here at Blue Coat at 10.50am. The Headmaster, Mr Pete Thomas, continued the service before Old Blue and School Archivist Mr Peter van Went read out the names of those Blue Coat pupils who lost their lives to war.

Year 12 Pupil Guy B performed the Last Post and Reveille as the School’s senior cadets lowered the flag. Wreathes were placed at the memorial by Head Boy Ollie and Head Girl Susanna on behalf of the School, Mr Peter van Went on behalf of the Old Blues Association and Senior Cadets for each section of the CCF.

The service was also live-streamed to the School’s YouTube channel and was viewed by more than 400 people. While we were saddened not to welcome the full Blue Coat community, the live stream was a seamless experience for those viewing at home thanks to the brilliant minds of Year 13 pupils Sidni B and Josh H, who have been invaluable in helping the School to bring the community back to school. The service can be viewed here.

If Covid restrictions were not in place, the School would ordinarily host a community Remembrance Service, at which the full Blue Coat CCF cohort would be parading in uniform and standing to attention during the service itself.

Many thanks to Rev’d Wakeman-Toogood for the delivery of the service, to the Headmaster for his reading and to Mr Peter van Went for representing the Old Blues. Thanks also to Year 13s Squadron Corporal Major Ben Y, Miguel N, Harvey R and Toby W, Year 12s Cpl Archie P and Finn W and Year 11 L Cpl Tytus M, all of whom represented their respective sections at the Remembrance Service.

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