RBCS Inclusion Day

On Wednesday 4 May, Reading Blue Coat School launched its first Inclusion Day. The Mandela Society helped with the event, to expose students of RBC to events of different cultures and religious beliefs they had never seen or learnt about previously.

Holi is a Hindu festival of colour that celebrates spring, love and new life; all of which we want to promote at school. It’s seen as a new beginning where people can release all their inhibitions and start afresh.

When we were discussing what event to celebrate, we immediately turned to Holi as it includes extraordinarily fun activities, during which students learn and understand cultures that they would not normally be exposed to. In the festival, Hindus all around the world purchase different coloured dyes, red and green being the main two, to throw on each other. Different colours have different meanings but red and green symbolise love and new beginnings.

Students had a wonderful time as shown in pictures, throwing the powder onto their friends, caught up in the fun. I took part in this experience, and I must say it was a great opportunity; I’m glad I did it. It made me understand more about Hinduism, how the festival brings people of all ages, religions, and backgrounds together to enjoy the annual festival of Holi.

Since this was the first time running the event, we understand that some students may have felt sceptical. But, hopefully after seeing the event in its entirety, it has inspired them to not only to be more inquisitive about our world’s different traditions and beliefs, but has also encouraged them to come along next year to take part.

In conclusion it was an amazing event that was well organised, and I look forward to many more Inclusion Days that educate students on the different cultures, beliefs and traditions.

Written by Year 10 student, Anoop Sira

Photo credits: Yr 10 student Jack Mallett, Ms Pegler, Mr Leigh, Mrs Crossland

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