Break the Screen Routine, Wednesday 3 February 2021

On Wednesday 3 February, the Reading Blue Coat community is Breaking the Screen Routine in a bid to spend less time in front of the computer screen, as we have all been doing an awful lot of while working from home!

Deputy Head (Academic) Mr Rob Tidbury says, “This day is about embracing everything that can be done without using a smart device, about resetting yourself to a pace of life and way of thinking that you may just find brings you benefits as we move forward together through this difficult time.

We have split the day up into three sections that mirror your life at Blue Coat, Academic, Pastoral and Co-curricular. There are a variety of challenges for each section, and we would like you to complete at least one from each.

The form at the back of this booklet is designed to be printed so that you can use it as a checklist for the day and be signed off with your parents. Please upload a photo of your completed form for your tutor the morning after.”

You will find all the resources for Break the Screen Routine below, including the booklet, checklist and instructions on how to bake a Victoria sponge and more!

Please do keep your tutors updated with your progress and send anything you would like to share on social media to




How to Build a Bug Hotel

Victoria Sponge Recipe

Mindfulness Exercises

How to Draw a Mandala


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