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Head’s welcome

I hope you find Reading Blue Coat to be a gem of a site as well as a wonderfully happy and progressive school. To be kind and engaged is what we expect of every member of our community. Kind to one another and to ourselves, and engaged with learning and the wealth of opportunities that can be enjoyed in and away from the classroom.

Head’s welcome


The academic life of the School is defined by its commitment to excellence and sharing of high expectations. The teaching staff are highly adept at getting the most from pupils at different stages in their academic development. The School prides itself on developing our pupils’ self esteem alongside their thirst to know and their capacity to do more with that knowledge. We aim to provide an innovative learning experience for pupils that also instils the good habits that make learning a pleasure.

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Pastoral Care

Pastoral care is at the heart of a Blue Coat education. We pride ourselves on our deeply caring staff, who know the pupils well. The School is a warm and nurturing community, offering an excellent environment for young people to grow and to learn. We provide a rich and thoughtful pastoral curriculum, giving pupils an opportunity to explore ideas, values, and relationships. In everything we do, we aim for every pupil to feel happy, safe, and fulfilled throughout their time at Reading Blue Coat.

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We aim to engage our pupils early on and to offer a gradually more challenging programme as they progress through the School. There is an increasing emphasis on service through our rapidly expanding Community Action programme and our ambition is for all pupils to engage in at least one service activity each week whilst at Blue Coat. The pupils also have the option to join the Combined Cadet Force (CCF) in Year 9 and we support pupils working toward the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze, Silver and Gold awards.

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Grand Concert 2021

Girls to join Year 7 in 2023!

Best Ever GCSE Results!

A Level Successes!

Live Music Returns to Blue Coat

Remotely Interested? Year 8 are!

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6 Facts

49.9% A*-A at A Level in 2020

550 Annual Sporting Fixtures

78.8% Grade 9-7 at GCSE in 2020

91 Sports Teams

4 Houses

14 Competitive Sports



"Our teachers never cease to surprise us!"

Year 7 Kabir

"Whatever you dream of, you can do it here!"

Year 8 Lorenzo

"It saddens me to think I will be leaving soon."

Suzie, Year 13 Classicist

"I have just applied to study Law at university..."

Year 13 Jim, Deputy Head of School

"They accepted me into their community instantly"

Tytus, Year 12 Senior RAF Cadet

"I am loving all my subjects, and the level of teaching is excellent"

Niamh, new girl on the block!
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